Self-regualted Learning within the Personal Learning Environment (SRL⏋PLE)

Digital media observed: Distribution Media or Communication Partner

19 Nov 2021

This is just a short reflection on the overlap between my newest article and and article by Esposito titled Artificial Communication? The Production of Contingency by Algorithms.

Selecting most recent file in a directory using R

17 Mar 2018

I’m attending an introductory course in the programming language R. Introduction to R: a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics at UiO.

Research stay at University of Oslo

28 Feb 2018

This week I started my research stay at the Department of Education at University of Oslo. The first stay will be 4 weeks before Easter and the second 4 weeks in May 2018.

University teaching, day 1

14 Sep 2017

Today was my first university teaching day. On the one hand, nothing special, but on the other hand, new students, new surroundings, and one step up on the academic level.

Afterthought – Course in quantitative methods

14 Sep 2017

This week and the week before I attended a course in quantitative methods. My project is not a quantitative project as such, but knowing about what you don't know is always good. I have a survey, but it's not part of my primary analysis in the project.

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