Self-regualted Learning within the Personal Learning Environment (SRL⏋PLE)

University teaching, day 1

14 Sep 2017

Today was my first university teaching day. On the one hand, nothing special, but on the other hand, new students, new surroundings, and one step up on the academic level.

The topic of todays lecture was Niklas Luhmanns Systems theory, part of “science theory and didactics”. Systems theory is interesting in itself and on top of that it's the theory behind the methodology of my thesis.

As always I used a milk carton as an example to illustrate complexity. Not only a good example when it comes to the reasoning behind selecting milk (at least in a danish supermarket), but also what it takes for the milk company to meet market demands. One of the exercises was new; a drawing exercise where one student explains a drawing to another student who then draw his understanding of the drawing. They have two minutes for the exercises and afterward we discussed elements like what it takes to understand one another, information, meaning and understanding etc.

I had fun and I think the students felt the same.