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LaTeX - underscore in DOI

28 Aug 2017

Sometimes LaTeX is just strange – I use Tex Live in Ubuntu, but I don't know if this is a general issue. When compiling I got errors in around URLs and later in DOIs in my references.

Problems started when some of my references (I use Mendelay) had special characters in the URL field. The pragmatic solution – I just removed the URLs from the references. Then at some point underscores (_) started showing up in DOIs and this is a must – I'm not going to remove whose.

In my search for a solition I read: BibTex URL entries using underscore, Solving the bibtex problem with underscores in DOI and Underscore in bibtex url. I have no use for hyperlinks in my PDF-file, so I settled on a solution adding:

\usepackage{nohyperref} % This makes hyperref commands do nothing without errors\usepackage{url} % This makes \url work

Thanks WWW.