Self-regualted Learning within the Personal Learning Environment (SRL⏋PLE)

First (unofficial) data from interview

04 Mar 2017

I'm now in the process of gathering data for my PhD. This week I did the first interviews with two students from 3^rd^ semester computer science. The interviews was just for testing out my “interview questionnaire guide” for the interviews that I will conduct later in the semester.

Off course things could be improved (and luckily I have something to write about in my thesis). I have a set of question categories related to PLE (consume, aggregate, produce, share, networking, collaborating). It's clear that some of the categories (like consume) are more “present” in the mind of the students then others (like collaborating). It will be interesting, to what extend I can “unfold” the more difficult categories.

One thing that we all have to learn is to stop thinking about what to share and not. “I'm a novice, so what can I contribute with?” This is the wrong question! First of all, writing about something that you learned (or present it etc.) is a good thing. It makes you reflect on the things you learned – and how knows where that will lead you. Second, don't be afraid that what you write about is too basic (or whatever) – you can probably find somebody that are a bit more novice than you and will appreciate what you write about (on top of that, on WWW, there are no restrictions on who can write about what). Third, with a little practice (publishing more and more stuff) you get the habit of publishing and at some point you will be the expert. The question should be: “How can I improve my learning and engage other people?”.